2019 – Let’s network for the Amazon

Let’s network for the Amazon.

The Christmas concert at the Vatican in 2019 has re-launched Pope Francis‘ commitment to the Amazon.

The two sponsoring organizations, Scholas Occurrentes and Missioni Don Bosco, have joined together to safeguard the Amazon and indigenous people.

Thanks to the commitment of Scholas Occurrentes, the students of the 450,000 schools around the world belonging to the platform: scholas.social platform will be sensibilized and sent to a reforestation activity, following the example of the original populations of the Amazon, in order to build harmonious relationships with nature and among humankind.

Missioni Don Bosco‘s action focuses instead on the protection of the different indigenous ethnic groups of the district of Lauarete, an inaccessible place in the heart of the Amazon, on the border with Colombia. The Salesian missionaries, who dedicate most of their activities to vulnerable children, have built a structure, a day and night reception center to welcome minors who are most at risk, and to protect those who in the future will be the custodians of the rainforest.